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There is a term in horse racing when the fan favorite is expected to be the victor of an upcoming race. All preparations have been made down to the smallest detail and bets have been placed with the expectation of a huge payout. This particular horse is strong, fast, and popular among the crowd, and has a long history of valiant runs ending in victory by the end of the race.

People anxiously gather to watch the race. Waiting in anticipation for the gates to open and the horses to unleash their raging energy down the track, their nostrils flare and their hooves pound the ground with fever. As the gates open and the horses charge down the track, jockeying for position, something unexpected happens: an unknown horse steadily moves up the track and challenges the people's favorite choice. In a split second, that mysterious horse pulls ahead and crushes the other racers.

Shocked, no one seems to know who this horse is, and they surely never expected this no name horse to find itself in the winners circle. Who is it? Where did he come from? How could this happen? No one knows for sure, but what they do know is that this horse is a foe they never expected. A challenger to the norm, and a smack in the face to the established status quo. A dark horse.

Born on the idea of a tattoo shop getting back to its traditional roots, Dark Horse tattoo is stepping back to a time when tattooing was not about the television shows, egos, and salon styled studios. We are a tattoo parlor. Proud of our roots and proud of where we came from. Forever grateful for our clients and our friends who helped create a vision of how tattooing should be. We strive to work hard and spread our vision of tattooing in northern Indiana.

Dark horse does not hide what it is. It is a shop that when you walk in, you will know you are in a tattoo shop. From the flash on our walls to the custom sketches seen taped to the walls of our work stations. We are tattooers, and that is what we do best. And with a little over 25 years of combined experience, Dark Horse will be a force to be reckoned with.

Dark Horse Tattoo Parlor is Matt Carmer, James Ditto, and Mike McNabb, specializing in tattooing. Established in 2013, Dark Horse exists simultaneously as a tribute to the artists and tradition of tattooing in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the ever-evolving craft of American tattooing. Dark Horse Tattoo Parlor is located in the Market Place at Canterbury.

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Matt Carmer

Owner / Tattoo Artist

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Jimmy Ditto

Tattoo Artist


Dark Horse

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Tuesday - Saturday: 12pm - 8pm

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Phone: (260) 486-4252

3227 St. Joe Road

Fort Wayne, IN