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  • How much for a tattoo?

    Your tattoo can vary on price depending on size, placement, detail, and time spent actually tattooing. All tattoos, no matter how small, start at $60.00, and go up in price from there. Until we have the actual finished drawing in our hands, we can’t give you a definite price. It is nearly impossible to price out a sleeve or a back piece, due to the many factors going into the tattooing process. We encourage everyone to set up a consultation, where we take a non-refundable $50.00 deposit which goes towards the price of your tattoo and insures a spot in our calendar.  

  • Does it hurt?

    The process of being tattooed varies from person to person. Everyone has a different pain threshold. Also, some body parts are more painful than others. For instance, a throat will be more painful than say, an upper arm. Or maybe a tattoo on an ankle will be more painful than a foot. It just depends on the client getting tattooed. We recommend that you come in for your appointment fresh, not hung over or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and have a nice healthy meal prior to being tattooed.    

  • How do I take care of my new tattoo?

    After every tattoo, we give verbal explanation on how to take care of your tattoo. Then prior to leaving, you are given an actual hard copy of our tattoo aftercare information. Also, check out the link here on our website to look at our recommendations. 

  • Do you tattoo minors?

    We really don’t like to, but under certain circumstances, we will. We do require that a parent be present at all times during the procedure, and both parties have a state issued ID, and also a birth certificate. 

  • Do you use single use needles? What about sterilization?

    All of our needles are single use only, and all are pre-sterilized in blister packs. After use, they are thrown into a sharps container to be disposed of by a contracted third party. We do often reuse tubes, which is industry standard, but after every use, the tubes are scrubbed, cleaned, and ran through an autoclave that sterilizes our instruments by using both heat and pressure, which kills off any dangerous pathogens. Also, our autoclave is tested routinely to make sure that it is functioning properly. All our results are sent in monthly to the Allen County Health Department for their records.  

  • How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

    It depends on many factors including, immune system, age, health, and even placement of tattoo. Low end, someone could look up to 4-6 days healing time, while others could take 2+ weeks.

  • Can I bring in my own drawing?

    Of course! 

  • Are you looking for apprentices?


  • What is your touch up policy?

    As long as you took care of your tattoo properly, we will touch it up for free within the first three months, unless otherwise stated. There are areas that we do not guarantee such as areas on the foot, hands, or fingers.